Welcome to my world, where I take you on a journey to go within and to remember the entirety of who you are. To connect with the greater part of you that fully wants to engage into your physical reality. Empowering and uplifting you into your authentic Self, where you walk the lines of time consciously as the powerful creator being that you are.

It is YOU that you have been waiting for

Born with Thunder & Lightning, growing up as an empathic girl, I have learned to understand and use my energy to not only guide myself through life but assist many people on my path.

I believe that everyone has a unique talent and wants to experience Love by connecting with their inner power that uplifts and liberates them from living in fear.

Feeling empowered by flourishing consciousness into a new being, I AM a channel of Joy & Love and am here to raise the frequency of the planet and help you remember why you came to Earth. When we remember who we are and what we are capable of, we will claim back our power and step into our authentic Self, living our highest potential.