I have been able to connect with my Spirit Guide

a761c27a2082ca21370f5ce0fc3bfdb1I can truly say that after my healing with Denise I understood the life I have been living. I understood why things have happened and why I Am the person who I Am today. It gave me clear insight on what I have to work on, what to deal with and what will happen when I follow my true essence that was shown in the messages.

Not only that.
After Denise’s healing I have been able to connect with my Spirit Guide and made me realize I Am not alone on this path. My Guide knows my Soul in all the lives I have lived. This has been so heart warming for me and felt tremendously grateful and glorious!

At this time, I am happy to know the answers to so many questions I have always questioned myself!

Every day I do my best in becoming a better and nicer person, to feel peaceful, grateful and happy within.

Thank you so much Denise!
You are such a powerful soul. I wish you heal more and more souls every day!!

Paula A. ☆ Santiago de Chile